Individual tax-related matters can be problematic even within an individual`s home jurisdiction. As the trend towards globalization of operations inevitably demands mobility of human resources, both within the organization and across the world, these issues can be exacerbated. Addressing the implications of payment structuring and jurisdictional impact on employees’ liabilities is therefore essential to minimize cost and maximize employee satisfaction.

Accounting Asia`s Individual Tax specialists have accrued decades of experience in analyzing liabilities and opportunities inherent to each jurisdiction across the region. We leverage this expertise to provide advisory, planning, and compliance services tailored to the unique situation of each individual. These customized services optimize compensation received against cost to the employer, simplify corporate oversight, and ensure seamless, compliant transition as the individual`s position and location changes.

We approach individual tax-related issues as core, rather than peripheral, to our clients’ success, and address factors such as residency classification, home leave, documentation, and effective compensation structuring to streamline business administration and maximize efficiency of expenditure.

Accounting Asia can provide the following individual tax services:

• Design and implementation of tax effective remuneration packages
• Equity-based compensation
• Management of inbound and outbound assignees
• Dual contract or split pay arrangements or time apportionment filing basis
• Procedural manuals
• Assistance in preparation and filing of amended tax returns, including review of the late payment interest, tax underpayment penalty and late filing penalty assessment