Transfer Pricing
The term “transfer pricing” refers to pricing arrangements in transactions between related business entities. These can include transfers of tangible goods and services, intellectual property, or loans and other financing transactions.

The emergence of the international marketplace as the dominant factor in corporate growth, coupled with the subsequent evolution of truly global enterprises, has brought transfer pricing to the forefront of compliance-related issues. Transfer pricing strategies have come under intense scrutiny from tax authorities, resulting in creation of stringent governing regulations and policy, and a host of financial implications for business entities.

Accounting Asia leverages decades of experience to develop customer-specific transfer pricing strategies which realize business objectives effectively and efficiently within the framework of compliance regulations. Based on a thorough analysis of our clients’ global business models and a detailed understanding of local and cross-border regulatory requirements, we offer advice regarding structuring and revenue generation models. We further support implementation with execution of related inter-company agreements and supporting documentation.

Accounting Asia’s transfer pricing services include:

• Assesing and managing transfer pricing risks
• Advanced pricing agreements
• Documentation and planning
• Value chain transformation
• Tax controversy and dispute resolution